Tuna Fusilli Pasta

The word ‘summer’ carries with it family bonding and food and both. A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a 3-day reunion for my family. Needless to say, it was so challenging because I did most of the preparation plus the food. I am sharing you one of my recipes which you may find time reading or maybe try cooking (just maybe). Please check this out!

What’s in: 

4 Cups Fusilli Pasta

1 & 1/2 Cups of Tuna in brine

1 Cup carrots

4 Tomatoes (medium size)

2 tbsp Olive oil

1 Minced Onion 

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Clove garlic 

1 tsp black pepper (crushed)

1 tsp Chili powder 

5 tbsp Tomato Sauce

1 tsp Salt to taste

3 leaves of sweet basil

Here’s How:

In a pan, pour 5 cups water to boil.Add salt and 1 tsp oil and the fusilli pasta. Cook pasta for 15 minutes. Drain the water and leave the pasta in colander till you need.

Heat olive  oil in pan. Fry the sliced onions till it turn translucent. Season with little salt and garlic.Fry for 1 minute then add the carrots,bell pepper, tomatoes and tuna. Simmer for 4-5 mins. When the vegetables are half-cooked yet crunchy, add the tomato sauce and the cooked pasta. Sprinkle the sliced sweet basil leaves and pepper then salt to taste. Mix well. Check for seasoning and adjust. Enjoy!

P.S. This Tuna Fusilli Pasta recipe is one which kids probably will NOT enjoy!


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