The best way to start the ‘love month’ is to celebrate love itself.

My friend has finally tied the knot.’Gefeliciteerd!’, the sweet greetings of her Dutch friends flooded in her social media account. After 3 years of long distance relationship, she exchanged a sounding ‘I do‘ with her Dutch fiance. Lovely couple as they are, their relationship has passed the test of (sober) times from miles. It emptied freakin’ bottles of wines and beer. Hot plates and platter, too! Seriously, they are both too in love not to pave the way to for-e-ver. 


Here is the back story.

Her name is Tedz. Sounds a male. A toy, too. Remember, Ted? The one on TV?When John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) was a little boy, he made a wish that Ted (Seth MacFarlane), his beloved teddy bear, would come alive. Anyway, let’s go back to Tedz. The perfect bride in the frame, immortalized by true love which conquered distance, so to speak.

Before she met her man, I never figured her as a bride, or a wife. At least, not too soon. Well, hey! She’s thirty (emphasis supplied). I mean, get married ‘not too late’. She’s one of my closest friends after college. She is my ‘diet buddy’. I often lied to her about my crazy meaty meals and ‘cheat days’. It was my strategy for her to eat more than I do and break her diet (wink).I know, deep down, that she lied to me, too.She often does workout from insanity, to boxing, to yoga. Though it makes me dizzy to say that she’s cool, but she is. She made me ask why boobies are not the same (true story).


Well, well. She has found her perfect match. I am so happy for her. Everyone in the gang looks forward to her carrying cute little angels while staying hot just the same.

When the ceremony was over, two things hit me:

First, as I always say, ‘Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant, while I get more and more awesome’, borrowed from my favorite comedy show;


Second, as I held my smart phone and the calendar app unravelled before me that it’s nearing February like,’ouch-you’re-close-to-thirty-dude’, my alter-ego shrieks, ‘where’s my wing (wo)man?’


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