A house is a home


img_7670-1‘A room is a still a room
Even when there’s nothin’ there but gloom
But a room is not a house
And a house is not a home. . . ‘

A random road-tripping has led me to this contemplation: The aforementioned lines of a song do not lend truism to this particular case, if at all.

I have been to this place many times. But, only recently did I notice the sad little structure on the right side of the road. A house. An abandoned house.We made our first stop there just to take artsy photos of it. And so we did, to start the new year pictorial.


As I stood by the veranda while peeking inside, a flock of birds, and bats, and some other flying creatures welcomed me. It occurred to me that while the house appears to be abandoned for quite a long time, it never ceases to be a home. It rescued many creatures from perils of homelessness. It has been the fortress of all those who needed warmth and comfort. A dwelling. A home, still.

As I ‘boomerang’ my pace going down, a hollow-horned ruminant mammal signaled me a ‘hi’ with its goatee. This house has also been the home of transient goats of the villagers during the day.

A house is not a home. And, a home is not a place, it is LIFE!