‘May’ Forever


A cold and damp Friday morning bailed me from dozing. I decided to rest my alarm from snoozing after 15 minutes. Kidding! Okay, plus a half of it. I barely slept the night before. My head felt half empty. I had to recharge.

As I stood up,  I had a quick gaze at the torn calendar next to me. ‘My days are numbered’, I mumbled.  Then, I petitioned my alter ego to back off. No time to be antsy.

While at the chapel, my mind was wandering somewhere summoned by my unfounded fear on how to nail my last chance. But,I was favored to hear the Good News to help me endure.

‘Focus not on the last thing, but the thing that lasts.’ Beautiful words from that day’s preacher. He emphasized on what is essential: Living life according to God’s will and for His Glory. He demonstrated how God’s words endure forever. In Him, ‘May’ Forever!

Feeling assured, I brewed my first cup and flipped the pages.

Peter reminds us that the truth ‘endures forever.'(1 Peter 1:25).

Grass will grow and then it will wither; flowers will bloom and then they will die. But God’s written message, the truth, will abide forever. All His promises will be fulfilled. His redemptive truth cannot be annulled or changed. He will accomplish what His powerful Word proclaims, and He will achieve the purpose for which His Word was sent (Isaiah 55:10–11). 


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