He Changed My Life


He changed my life.

May 3, the fateful day God mysteriously works for me. The day God takes due course of my life, not of my plans for my life. The day He ‘unlikes’ my post.

This is a sad story. And, sadness is painful. The reverse is equally true. At any rate, the message does not make sense to me. For now.

This is a sad story. And, a long chain of questions in full essay follows. Is this a result of the evolution of my faith?If ‘faith’ is not a friend of ‘grace’, then who the latter is?

This is a sad story. And, I can but re-investigate my case in terms of preparations. Did I squander my time when I read all the books I find necessary? Did I falter on the four-Sunday- battle when I never ever entertain unpleasant thoughts?

This is a sad story. And, I can see my dreams overruled by technicality. They said that when you pray, pray like a child. Is this His way of answering my prayers of being a child?

This is a sad story. And, this one is a statement. Perhaps, this is something about my personal dealing with Him. Or, perhaps, this is not just my calling. Change is not always tantamount to success. And, success is not always a result of pursuit. Sometimes, it comes when you never post haste and just be passive and obedient to His will.You cannot expect a cat to bark. Nor a dog to fly. Everyone has his own perfect place.

Wisdom. This is God’s wisdom working on me. Perhaps, it seems vague to me right now, but God is an Awesome God. His plan for us is always for our best.And, what’s best does not equate to what we want. Sadly.  It is He and He alone knows.

This may be a sad story but, I am crying tears of gratitude.





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