Life Is A Verb


When I was a child, getting old was one of my greatest fears. Quiet unusual for my age, isn’t it? I even cried telling my Mom that I wanted her to be like the way she was, strong and unwrinkled. Young as I was, I became fascinated with how to maintain youthfulness for my Mom. I cannot stand the idea of losing her. Even now. To buster aging was one I thought would help.

She was 39 then. I was 4. I kept telling her almost everyday of that fear. One time, she asked me why. I replied that I was planning to build a beautiful house for her and provide her with everything so that she never had to work and get old. We chuckled. Then, the following question was, ” What do you want to be when you grow up?” By that time, I was torn between becoming a teacher and a nurse. And what she would always tell me was to study hard to reach my dreams.

My Mom failed to tell me to wait for God’s will for my life. God’s plan for me. Or, my calling. She only implied hard work. A personal struggle to live and choose what I deserve.

Now, she is 63. She has aged, but not as much I feared of 25 years back. While I am 29. The most crucial age before stepping into the realm of no turning back. I never became a nurse, nor a teacher (although I had a teaching job for 3 months after graduation). I became myself. Presently working for a government office and …. waiting for the Bar results.

In the book of OG Mandino, The Greatest Success In The World, my all time favorite inspirational author, the 6th Commandment of Success was thus written:

“Remember that patience is the art of waiting, with faith, for the life you deserve through your good works, but action is the power that makes good works possible. “

“No one will act for you. Your plans will remain no more than an indler’s dream until you rise up and fight against the forces that would keep ye small. To take action is always dangerous, but to sit and wait for the good things of life to fall into your lap is the only calling where failures excel.”

Act or ye will be acted upon.”

Looking back, I understand now why my Mom never told me about God’s plans. Life itself is my calling. I don’t have to wait for life to act upon me. I should live life. Life itself is a calling because God doesn’t take pleasure in seeing us lost.


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