My first decent plate

Yey!The first decent plate(but hey, I have one big fan, maybe two and counting) I made for myself. My mom (of course), and my awesomest friends know the chef in me. They love my dishes and, needless to state, they look forward the moment I put on my floral apron. I have the taste of greatness, that’s one thing( Ha!Maybe. Just maybe.)Well, the other thing is that I seldom, if not never, do cooking myself. I love eating pasta. When I say eating, I mean it literally. Cooking is beside the point. As if a malfeasance of the universe, I went on shopping for the ingredients of a penne of my own. And….viola! Here it is! My very own (when I say my very own, I just grabbed it from the net, only adding an ingredient or two of my fave)”Penne Pasta Primavera”. I sprinkled toasted cashew nuts on top in my poor attempt to redeem my substandard plate. Mangiamo!