Monday. Again. Melancholic Monday as I often call it. This is one of the few words I abhor next to “traffic”. To endure is like being caught in a traffic. Lost in the way, so dreadful as there is no way out. Perhaps, because my body deliberately forgets the early ablutions on weekdays after two days of languish. But today’s worse. Deep gashes from the psycho-thriller paperback where I immersed from the night before still lingers. The twisted plot of enormous conflicts haunts me beyond the last page. It brought me emptiness from the unknown, and an unjustifiable angst I, myself, cannot reconcile.

7:29 am, as the biometrics reveals my check-in time. I decided to hop at a nearby grocers to grab something to chew on. Passers-by were on the rush, frequently glancing on their cellular phones, while headsets were attached to their ears. It occurred to me how Science and Techonoly has altered humanity’s way of life. Wrist watches are no longer the sole means for checking time. The Sci-Fi film I watched flashes back in my mind. It’s futurisctic scenes have left me in awe.The breakthrough of Science and Technology has come to explain almost all, if not all, from tiniest to biggest, visible and invisible.

I was about to enter the store when a stocky man bumped me in the shoulder. The impact caused my pouch and cellular phone to scatter on the floor. To my disgust, I tried to look for the man but he was nowhere to be found.

While I was in my most irksome moment, the image of a little girl in her mother’s arms caught my attention. She was watching at me all the while. Her little black eyes were gazing at me in joy. And, as I fixed myself after gathering my stuffs thrown to the corners, she extended her tiny hand to me while a small laugh was drawn to her mouth.

I felt a jolting warmth in my heart. A whisk of emotion I never felt for ages. A glimpse of heaven might be an understatement, as if the world’s greatest secret has been revealed to me. This, I thought, may not be explained by Science. How the blood rushed through my veins that produced this overwhelming sensation has no anatomy. And, how my heart beats upon the presence of the little girl clutching her hand to me and giving me a beam is apart from the rule of reason, and even reason does not know about. This, with the remaining few, has not yet demonstrated nor explained by the modern and “techno” world.

It was a minute before 8 am when I reached back at the office. I noticed that my phone suffered a crack on its edge after the fall. It brought me into a sorry mental state. But, the beguiling smile of the little girl rejuvenated me, like a soothing balsam.

I am forever blest by her memory.


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