“How Do I…?” Your FABQ (Frequently Asked Blogging Questions), Answered

Blogging is not just about expressing your own thoughts, or telling your own stories. It is a medium for global communication, too (not to mention meeting awesome people in the cyber world).For newbs, here’s how to start it right!

The Daily Post

We share a lot of advice and information here at The Daily Post — we want to help you accomplish whatever blogging goals you’ve set for yourself and make those resolutions (if any) become reality.

In that spirit, here are eight posts from the past year that you might find helpful in these early days of 2016. Each tackles one major question that we see bloggers raise time and again, especially as they start out in the blogging world. Let’s jump right in…

How should I choose my blog name?

Glad you asked — coming up with a catchy name that channels what your site is about is key to attracting the right readers. Cheri’s post on the topic offers many great pointers, from using quotes to injecting playfulness into the name-selection process.

How can I encourage my readers to comment on my posts?

Seeing your post out there in the world feels…

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