The Epiphany

I was raised under the Roman Catholic dogma. Both my parents were, too.I have been a regular church goer since childhood. But, knowingly or unknowingly, I never did receive Christ in my life as most Christians claimed of. I started to question the Roman Catholic ways and teachings. I refrained from attending the Holy masses.I thought to myself then that faith can be demonstrated through personal prayers at home and anywhere. Year after year, my faith became so shaky. As my personal goals were realized one by one, my spirituality was in the brink of shrinking. Until I came to the top of my greatest endeavor where I cannot but ask for the Divine Providence. It was only last year when I welcomed Christ in my life back and in the right perspective. Since then, God’s faithfulness and grace overwhelmed me. Now, everyday is a day of glorifying God for His awesomenes and greatness. His unconditional love is unravelling before me with some elusiveness like the insight itself. The course of faith never did run smooth for me but God was and is always there. An intuitive grasp of reality that in Him alone can I attain the true meaning of life.