The etymology of ‘badtrip’

image‘Badtrip’. This word consists of two (2) morphemes,’bad’, which means unpleasant or, plainly the opposite of good, and ‘trip’, which pertains to a journey. Taken together, ‘badtrip’ connotes the mental state of one freaking his guts out because of the effect of drugs.But this is not the case here. Linguistically, these two morphemes are to be taken together in the ordinary meaning; Bad, for not pleasant or enjoyable; trip, for a journey to a place.This is how my not-so-tgif-friday thrill transpired.I woke up that day fifteen (15) minutes earlier as I promised to myself to nail the zero-tardiness goal. I reached at the bus loading area a quarter before seven in the morning. The first AC bus came a little later where I boarded in. I opted to catch the earliest bus, not my usual bus of choice, only to realize I made my choice when I made no choice at all. It went joy-riding to my disgust.It made so many stops to fetch not-willing-to-ride bystanders. The constant stopping irked me. Perhaps, to everyone trying to catch the 8:00 am time in. To keep cool, I ‘spotified’ myself and made a pact with my mirror not to ride the same bus again. A thirty-minute trip ought to be a time to nap turned out as a bumpy ride with a twist. That was, indeed, a ‘badtrip’ for me, literally.